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Not exactly Art Ed related! But it was a beautiful night at the NJ Balloon Festival!

" If America was serious about fixing the troubled parts of its education system, then we would be having a fundamentally different conversation.
We wouldn’t be talking about budget austerity — we would be talking about raising public revenues to fund special tutoring, child care, basic health programs and other so-called wraparound services at low-income schools.
We wouldn’t only be looking to make sure that schools in high-poverty districts finally receive the same amount of public money as schools in wealthy neighborhoods — we would make sure high-poverty districts actually receive more funds than rich districts because combating poverty is such a resource-intensive endeavor.
More broadly, we wouldn’t be discussing cuts to social safety net programs — we would instead be working to expand those programs and, further, to challenge both parties’ anti-tax, anti-regulation, pro-austerity agenda that has increased poverty and economic inequality.
In short, if we were serious about education, then our education discussion wouldn’t be focused on demonizing teachers and coming up with radical schemes to undermine traditional public schools. It would instead be focused on mounting a new war on poverty and thus directly addressing the biggest education problem of all. "


Poverty is America’s #1 Education Problem

It’s time to get real about this. 

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Pharrell love seat by Rob Pruitt.

Jeff Koons Exhibit at the Whitney, NYC

10 posts!  You gotta start somewhere! 

This is a Pledge Portrait, 1st grade students create these at the end of the school year to go along with their study of American Symbols.  To see more check out my Artsonia Gallery HERE!

Love your page! The quote is awesome! Stealing it for my room... okay borrowing it!

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No problem, that quote is from the book, The Dot! All my students made a dot at the beginning of last year and then I displayed them all together for International Dot Day! Susan